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ISO27001 – The Highest Standard for Data Security

As a trusted partner to hundreds of businesses across the legal, financial services and medical profession, organisations within the ExamWorks Group of companies in the UK (Premex, 3d, ExamWorks UK and ExamWorks Investigation Services) manage huge volumes of sensitive information on your behalf.

While the oversight frameworks of regulated industries like law and financial services demand adherence to the Data Protection Act as a bare minimum, customers who work with the Premex Group have the added reassurance that ISO 27001 goes far beyond this commitment to information security.

Part Of Our Business Culture

Nowhere in the medico-legal community will you find a business whose’ culture is aligned more with information security.

Each of our six operating divisions and the support functions within them such as Finance, IT, HR, Expert Liaison and Sales & Marketing have been brought within the scope of ISO 27001.

Our governance framework is led by Group Compliance and the company’s own Information Security Committee, while every team in the business has its own data protection representative (DPR).

Our DPRs attend regular training sessions to take ownership of information security within their own teams which ensures responsibility cascades down throughout the business.

Comprehensive Information For Your Due Diligence

Our customers frequently require detailed responses for their own RFP, tender documentation and bid management processes. A key part of this will inevitably relate to information security with your potential clients keen to know what safeguards you have built into your supply chain.

Our group* wide ISO 27001 certification should be a powerful step in achieving this and will also facilitate information requests made by you to Premex Group and the ExamWorks Group of companies in the UK as we will provide swift and detailed responses. 

Consistency, Continuity and Future Proofing

As our certification is group* wide, you can be assured that whichever part of the Premex Group you deal with, it is fully ISO 27001 compliant.   We also perform regular audits to ensure that we are adhering to the latest developments as and when they happen.


*The scope of our current certification does not include the services that operate from our satellite offices in Sussex, Gloucester and Croyden