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Our commitment to stakeholders


The Directors of Premex are committed to delivering and maintaining the highest standards in the way we make decisions. We adhere to a corporate governance framework, considering the interest of all stakeholders and the environment in a commercially appropriate way.

We constantly assess our service deliverly to provide the best solution for all those who transact with us.. As one of the largest private employers in the local area, we recognise our responsibility to be a trusted partner to the local community, suppliers, customers and people to make the right decisions to continue the success of the business


5 key tenets:


1.       Strategic Planning


  • Premex operates within a dynamic marketplace. Strategies are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure congruence to the market dynamism.
  • Technology strategy is aligned with the business strategy, with a change programme to keep the business at the vanguard of service delivery
  • Risk Registers are maintained across the business and are regularly reviewed by directors, with mitigation plans where appropriate.
  • A successful acquisition strategy has led to both organic and synergy benefits in 2018
  • We have robust governance on decision making around portfolio investment.
  • Where desirable, we engage in lobbying and political influences to protect the interest of our customers, suppliers and people.
  • We consider our strategic pillars for long term planning.

 Premex Strategic Pillars 01 002


2.       Our People are our biggest asset:


  • Premex offers extensive benefits package and career paths to attract and keep the best people.
  • We constantly engage with our people through a programme of wellbeing, employee surveys and employee representation for decision making.
  • A Premex Academy provides opportunities for career advancement and we have a robust learning and development programme, allowing our employees to develop both their technical and soft skills.
  • We are an IIP Gold organisation.
  • We have a number of communication channels with our people, from staff forums to a state-of-the-art intranet.


3.       Premex Partners: Many of our partners have been working with us for over 20 years, achieved by close engagement, communication and service.


  • The success of Premex relies on the maintenance and development of good client relationships and a reputation for trusted and professional service delivery.
  • We have a comprehensive account management program for material customers, together with a CRM system.
  • We have an onboarding team who engage with customers to understand their requirements so we get it right on day one.
  • Voice of customer and supplier surveys align customer requirements with service delivery.



  • We have implemented a full supplier management programme, both field and office based.
  • We host regular CPD training event for medical experts.
  • We have an appointed Chief Medical Officer, for supplier best practice and clinical governance.
  • Our in-house clinical nurse supports customers with specific requirements.
  • Our supplier onboarding and management framework adheres to the ISO27001 standard.


Broader stakeholders

  • We hold regular thought leadership sessions with our biggest customers.
  • We engage with industry bodies (AMRO, Medco, GMC) where we share our view on the marketplace.
  • Our utilisation of  statistical analysis of market trends facilitates market development.
  • We regularly speak at and contribute to industry events and round tables.
  • We engage with the market via social media (@PremexGroup).


Underpinning our commitment to Pemex partners is a change programme, utlising the best technologies to improve the user experience for customers, suppliers and our people.


4.       Environment and Community



  • Premex is one of the largest private sector employers in the Bolton area. As such, we support the community with a number of charitable and social activities.
  • Every year, we fundraise internally for our nominated charity of the year.
  • We sponsor a wide variety of local Community initiatives.



  • Whilst Premex’s business practices does not have high environmental impact, we have been successful in achieving and maintaining the ISO14001 environmental certification and encourage suppliers to consider the environment. We are working towards iso 50001 certification.


5.       High standards of business conduct and ethics is pivotal to being a trusted partner.


Some of the initiatives we are involved with on a day-to day-level include: 

  • Companywide ISO27001 certification – a culture of information security permeates throughout the whole business.
  • Information Security Committee with significant investment in Cyber Security.
  • Director, CRB and pre-employment screening.
  • An established legal and compliance department ensuring the business practices are robust and equitable and adhere to legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • A Code of Ethics which is revised annually and all ethical decisions recorded.
  • Modern Slavery – risk assessment and statement.
  • Anti-Corruption and Bribery – risk assessment, training undertaken, policy reviewed annually.
  • Effective policy framework.
  • SOX controls / financial controls.
  • Criminal Finances – risk assessment and controls.
  • AML risk assessment.