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Our Group

Premex Services offer a diverse range of services to the insurance, legal and financial sectors. 

Premex was formed in 1996 as a medical reporting specialist and has diversified into a number of markets both organically and through acquisition.

Premex is part of the ExamWorks family, a leading global provider of independent medical examinations. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Click here to read more about ExamWorks. 

The group consists of the following specialist subsidiary organisations;


Premex+ is a specialist service designed to deliver high quality medico-legal reports for Serious Injury cases, Clinical Negligence claims, Industrial Disease and other Complex Cases.

Click here to read more about Premex+

3d Rehabilitation 

3d Rehabilitation provides a complete rehabilitation and diagnostic service for personal injury professionals and other private organisations. The injured party's immediate needs are established after an accident and a range of cutting edge treatment services are deployed to help aid recovery.

Click here to read more about 3d Rehab

ExamWorks Investigation Services

ExamWorks Investigation Services is a leading claims investigation company. Services provided include investigations, fraud detection, fraud screening, surveillance and cognitive interviewing to the insurance sector.

Click here to read more about ExamWorks Investigation Services