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Vu Portal

Vu Portal allows medical experts to manage diaries, review medical records and access case information all on one dedicated online facility.   

The benefits of Vu Portal:

  • Manage your Premex medico legal diary online
  • Add future appointment availability, as sessions or individual slots
  • View booked appointments and free slots
  • Doc Vu allows you to review all medical records associated with your case
  • Doc Vu provides an overview of the case, including details of the instructing party, claimant, any special instructions as well as appointment arrangements, making case administration easier than ever before.

Medical Records are classed under the Data Protection Act ("DPA") as sensitive personal data. As part of the process of using these online systems, Premex asks you to remember all your obligations in respect of such sensitive personal data in respect of handling and storing such data. Please click here to for more information on your DPA obligations

Registering for Vu Portal

If you are a new Medical Expert wishing to register your interest in joining the Premex panel or need assistance with Vu Portal please call 01204 478362 or email

Log-in to Vu Portal

If you are already registered for Vu Portal, you can log-in here.