Mr Shiva Tripathishiva-tripathi

Consultant in Pain Medicine, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals

I am a full-time consultant in Pain Medicine at the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (LTHTR) since 2007. I was the clinical lead for acute pain between 2009-2016 and the clinical director of Pain Services from 2016-2021. Currently I am the clinical lead for Neuromodulation within the chronic pain service. In May 2021, I was awarded the title of the honorary clinical professor with the University of Central Lancashire.

I am a consultant research fellow and the lead for pain Research and Innovation (R&I) at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 

I am an elected board member on the Faulty of Pain Medicine, Royal College of Anaesthetists, a member of the British Pain Society, the Northwest Regional pain group, and the Anesthetic Research Society. I have been appointed as the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) North-West Coast, specialty research lead for anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, and pain management. 

I am the principal and chief investigator of several research studies in pain. In October 2020, I recruited the first global patient in an international, multicenter, first in Human, back pain study, of which I am the Chief Investigator.