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Premex Interviewed on BBC Manchester

Last night on BBC Manchester, Marketing Manager Dan Chesney discussed Premex's upcoming tree planting at Rivington and Blackrod High School.

As a company that uses more than five million pieces of paper every year, Premex is changing the way it operates not only to mitigate its impact on the environment but also to create a more ecologically diverse future for the communities surrounding its operation. 

Bolton-based Premex Services, a UK leader in its field, has unveiled a raft of green projects throughout 2008 but the launch of its latest initiative marks the first time the company has focused attention outside of the business, helping to spread the message of awareness and the benefits of environmental change to others in its home town.  Staff from Premex, including senior executives and a number of former pupils, will join current students and teachers at Rivington and Blackrod High School in Horwich, as well as the Mayor of Bolton, Councillor Anthony Connell, in donning their waterproofs and digging like crazy to complete the planting of 350 trees in just one day - the first of this year's National Tree Week.   

As well as improving the local landscape, the trees create a more secure border between a number of the school's sports fields and a well trodden public walkway connecting the town with open countryside. Part of the nationwide 'growing trees, growing minds' initiative that educates children about bio-diversity, the different habitats and environmental impact of trees, the hedgerow planting establishes a new home for plants, bugs, birds and animals locally and creates an outdoor classroom for students to enjoy for generations to come.   

The interview was a chance for Premex to create an awareness of the upcoming tree planting and to invite future suggestions and recommendations for tree planting initiatives throughout its local community.