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Premex Launch CSR Initiative

Over the last three years, corporate social responsibility has slowly risen to the top of the agenda for many businesses and governments throughout the world.

The old mind set of donating money to good causes at the end of the financial year has now been replaced with recognition of an all year round responsibility for the environment.

2007 was the year which emphasised and removed any doubt that CSR was now a much more strategic management issue for businesses. With climate change at the top of the agenda, many businesses have been quick to implement changes in order to get a march on their competition for leadership on the issue.

With a number of the larger companies demonstrating 60% reductions on emissions from their 1990 levels, companies are well on their way towards becoming "carbon neutral". The two main ways in which companies are heading towards achieving carbon neutral status are through reductions in business operations and off-setting. However, the issue of companies off-setting their emissions has been controversial and seen as a "get out of jail free card".

The emphasis of CSR has always been on all the large companies who are spending small fortunes in order to achieve a green label. The SME's have therefore been in the shadow of the larger companies and have not had their efforts towards acting responsible publicised.

At Premex Services we understand that we have a role to play and a responsibility towards the environment that we operate within. Throughout 2008 we will address our corporate social responsibility through the launch of a new group initiative to reduce emissions and mitigate our harmful behaviour. We plan on achieving our goals through an eight point plan which focuses on all areas within the business. To see our new initiative please click on the link below.