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Premex Launch New Rehabilitation Service

As part of Premex Services continued growth, Premex Rehabilitation has launched a new medical camouflage service.

Appearances affect our daily lives so much that physical disfigurement or scarring can have an extremely negative impact on confidence and quality of life. The confidence gained through medical camouflage can vastly improve an injured person's quality of life both socially and in getting back to work.

Medical camouflage or concealment is the skilled application of specialist products designed to minimise, neutralise and mask defects or discolouration of the skin at surface level creating a totally natural finish. Medical camouflage can be used on scars, burns, skin graft discolouration, birthmarks etc, on any part of the body, and is suitable for men, women and children.

Premex Rehabilitation is able to arrange a consultation with a professional in aesthetic cosmetics who is able to assess, assist and train people in the techniques used to camouflage unsightly conditions. A report can be prepared, if required, detailing findings and recommendations including product recommendations and cost estimates.