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No need for a recount. Vu cleans up!

On May the 6th, Premex Services attended the esteemed Claims Technology Awards at the Lowry Hotel, Manchester, picking up the award for Best use of software: Medical Agency for its online appointment booking system, Vu.

The Claims Technology Awards celebrates innovation and recognises excellence in the development and application of technology within the claims industry.  Premex was up against some of the UK's most innovative companies, with all the big names attending to see who the winners would be.

Just as the polling stations were getting ready to close and count the all important votes, Premex's fate had already been decided by a group of industry experts.  As Will Kintish, the world renowned networking guru, took to the stage to read the results, the room was tense with anticipation as one by one the award winners were announced. 

As soon as Will said "online appointment booking" table 12 knew that they had done it, Premex had won the prestigious award of best use of software in a medical agency for Vu.  The crowd cheered as Donald Fowler, Managing Director, started to make his way across the room towards the stage to Elbow's "One Day Like This" it really was looking like a beautiful day for Premex...

The clear winner of the evening, Vu allows instructions to be submitted and appointments to be booked online providing access to Premex's nationwide panel of Medical Experts with over 15,000 appointment slots available. 

Vu enables customers to engage with their clients on day one, submit case information and book appointments instantly - reducing client attrition rates, reducing case life cycles and improving the overall customer journey.

The award winning Vu is available now, to see the benefits and start using Vu today please email