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Premex Positive on Jackson Recommendations

Premex has welcomed Lord Justice Jackson's recommendations for medical reporting organisation services in his Review of Civil Litigation Costs.

In the report, Lord Justice Jackson emphasised the value of MRO services, saying that: "MROs has had the overall effect of controlling the costs of obtaining medical evidence in personal injury cases."

His views were welcomed by Premex chief executive Simon Margolis, who said Lord Justice Jackson had been persuaded that development of MRO services had been beneficial to claimants and defendants.

Mr Margolis said: "It is something of a positive affirmation that Jackson LJ recognises the alternative to there being no MRO services is to go back to an unwieldy, inefficient and costly process.

"We are not complacent and I am confident we will be able to continue to demonstrate our value to the claims process by controlling costs and improving efficiency."