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Premex wins ‘Sustainability initiative of the year’ at the Claims Innovation Awards

On 5th May Premex attended the annual Claims Innovation Awards and was awarded 'Sustainability Initiative of the year' for its commitments to the environment.

Mitigating our impact has been a corporate goal for several years now and we are committed to developing a culture of sustainability this was demonstrated by Premex gaining ISO 14001 certification, the environmental management system, in 2010.  This philosophy has played a key role in the development of innovative electronic services such as Vu and Vu Direct, our award winning online appointment booking system.

The journey towards official recognition started in 2008, when we decided to measure our paper usage! We knew that the legal profession used a lot of paper but nearly four million sheets a year, just on our reports, came as a shock.  We have now made a great start on significantly reducing this and are projecting to save over 600 trees a year. And through continued IT development we are moving towards a paperless office.

Employees have also embraced a number of our environmental initiatives aimed at reducing waste, energy and water - especially when monthly audits name and shame the eco-friendly and the eco foes of Premex.  Initiatives like recycling 80% of our waste and turning appliances off at the end of day have brought considerable savings year on year.

These changes not only ensure an environmentally sustainable, long-term future for Premex Services but they are also good news for our customers. Independent certification of our initiatives helps like-minded companies prove the veracity of their own green claims, as they strive to mitigate their businesses' impact on the environment.