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The Chief Medical Officers of Premex Group and Premier Medical Group have collaborated to produce a joint expectation of standards demonstrable by medical experts preparing reports in personal injury claims. Although both CMO's are confident in the expertise of their medical panel a number of challenges have surfaced in the medico legal world over the past year.

The main issues surround revalidation and evidencing expertise to prepare medico legal reports. Historically this has been an unregulated area with lawyers accepting an expert based on CV, personal experience and recommendation by a medical intermediary company. The appropriateness of this process has recently being questioned by some stakeholders.

Our response has been to develop a bi-modular online training and skill verification qualification - CertMR (Certificate in Medical Reporting). This qualification will demonstrate to the market that the experts on both of our respective panels are cognisant with the Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 (Part 1) and the evidence available on Whiplash injuries (Part 2). Both modules will be CPD accredited and verified with separate certificates of medical reporting (CertMR Part 1 and 2). The CertMR qualification currently comprises of 2 parts:

  1. CertMR Part 1 - Civil Procedure Rules Part 35. This is a highly regarded online module created by the leading expert witness training firm Bond Solon. It is aimed at all expert witnesses preparing medico-legal reports requiring a signed statement of truth.

    Bond Solon's fee is £120.00 and the course is CPD accredited for up to 6 hours. For all experts who have already completed this course AFTER October 2009 (when the rules changed) this module will not be required to be completed again, but your certificate should be sent to and you will then be provided with details of how to proceed to the second module, CertMR Part 2 if applicable.
  2. CertMR Part 2 - Whiplash Associated Disorder. This module is not aimed at training doctors in this condition as both agencies already recognise your existing expertise however, it is a means of allowing you to prove that you are aware of the seminal literature on the subject and the contradictions and ambiguities within current knowledge.

    This certificate should be completed by all expert groups undertaking physical examinations in whiplash type injuries. CertMR Part 2 has been CPD accredited for 6 hours. Mandatory expert groups will include General Practitioners, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, ENT Consultants and anyone else who completes these physical examinations. If you do not undertake these physical examinations you are not required to complete module 2 but are still welcome to do so for educational interest.

Please visit to complete CertMR Part 1 - Civil Procedure Rules part 35. You will first need to create an account from the sign up page. You should then receive a validation email that you can use to activate your account. Once you have activated and signed into your newly created account, the process onwards is self-explanatory. Alternatively you can click here to review our guide to the process. Once CertMR Part 1 has been completed you will then be directed to CertMR Part 2 if appropriate to your speciality.

We have created a series of FAQs should you have any questions about the accreditation. Or alternatively for more information please email

Completing the above qualification within the next 3 months will confirm your on-going expert status with our respective Agencies and will also satisfy your educational CPD requirement for the year 2012-2013. The Whiplash Associated Disorder module will be free of charge for this initial 3 month period of time but there after will be charged at an additional rate of £120.00.

Both Agencies see this as a positive response to increase public, political and industries' confidence in your professional independence and integrity. It is intended to endorse every expert's credibility at a time of increasing scrutiny and challenge and a collective response by everyone is required to strengthen your position at this time.

Please make this expectation a priority in your current working practice and complete this qualification within the next 3 months.

Kind regards
Scot Darling

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