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Premex sponsors the 2014 British Transplant Games

Premex is delighted to announce it has partnered the 2014 British Transplant Games.  The games are being held in Bolton from the 7th - 10th August 2014 with hundreds of transplant athletes from across the UK competing in a variety of sporting events across the town. 

The aim of the games is to raise awareness of transplantation and the NHS Organ Donor Register and most importantly it is also a celebration of life.   Premex's Managing Director, Mike Cutler said "If the British Transplant Games encourages just one more person in Bolton to become a donor, another life could be saved. Aside from the economic benefits to the region, the human legacy of these games will be felt by families and loved ones for years to come. It is an event and a campaign that we are proud to support and one which has already inspired many of our employees to get involved. 

"Premex Services has a proud history of supporting local charity initiatives and we are delighted to be one of the British Transplant Games sponsors - especially as they will be taking place right on our doorstep. Hopefully other businesses will be encouraged to join the campaign too." 

Our employees will be getting involved with the initiative throughout the year, from signing the Organ Donor Register, volunteering at the games, running in the Donor Run and spectating at the games. 

Amanda Hutt, Event Managers at the British Transplant Games, comments "we're very excited to be bringing the British Transplant Games to Bolton in 2014.  The event makes a huge difference to organ donor numbers and really highlights the quality of life people have after a successful transplant.  The 2013 Games in Sheffield were the biggest to date, but with the support of partners like Premex we are hoping to make the Bolton Games even bigger and better".

For more information about how you can get involved with the games please visit or for further information about the NHS Organ Donor Register please visit