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Have you heard about our clinics…..

Premex+ NIHL clinic strategy enables claimants to attend one appointment to include an air and bone audiogram and an examination with an ENT Consultant.

We can provide a convenient location and venue which reduces costs and results in a reduction of case lifecycle.

Whilst supporting your claimant throughout this journey Premex+ will also ensure that you receive excellent service every step of the way with our dedicated Industrial disease team.

Clinic Benefits

Audiologist and ENT examination on the same day
Minimising costs whilst providing quick turnaround times
High quality panel of ENT Experts and experienced Audiologists

We currently have clinic availability throughout June 2015 as detailed below, click here to send instructions to your dedicated Premex+ team. 

Manchester – Thursday 18/06/15
Location - Manchester Conference Centre (M1 3NJ)

Birmingham– Saturday 20/06/15
Location - Consulting Rooms (B15 3HE) 

Should you require more information with regards to our clinics and competitive commercials or additional Premex+ service offerings please contact 01204 477 388