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Helping you through MedCo

Using the New MedCo Portal

The MedCo Portal must be used for sourcing all initial medical reports in soft tissue injury claims brought under the RTA Protocol where the CNF is submitted on or after 6th April 2015.

The definition of 'soft tissue injury' is set out in the RTA protocol and is the same definition as Fixed Fee Medicals implemented on 1st October 2014. The claimant must have been the occupant of a motor vehicle. Pedestrians, cyclists and motor cyclists are all excluded.

The MedCo process only applies to all first medical reports in RTA cases.

How will the system work?

On MedCo you will either select: a Medical Reporting Organisation (MRO) OR a Medical Expert from a randomly generated list.

  • If you select an MRO; MedCo will generate a random list which will include one high volume national provider and six other regional MROs. Premex is registered as a high volume national provider.
  • If you instruct a medical expert directly you will have to pay the same £180 to do all of the administration and funding yourself.
  • The portal will generate a unique 'MedCo Case ID' which must be given to the MRO by the claimant representative which will be displayed on the Medical Report. The report must be uploaded to MedCo on an anonymised basis once the report is completed and the unique MedCo Case ID ties to the search result.
  • When Premex is an option on your MedCo search results, you will be free to instruct Premex in exactly the same way as you do now. 

Be safe and secure with Premex

The sourcing of these cases will now be processed through MedCo. So our primary objective is to ensure our customers continue to receive distinguished service levels and all the benefits of a large, established and trusted MRO, like Premex.

Key benefits of selecting Premex

  • Expertise: national panel of experienced and fully vetted experts, covering all disciplines and locations
  • Data protection and information security: secure transfer of personal data
  • Predictable high quality service levels: fast turnaround times
  • Sector leading IT: ability to instruct online or integrate case management systems
  • Convenience: provides a full range of complementary services including Rehabilitation, Pagination and Premex+, for more complex cases.

Why use Premex?

On 4th March the MoJ published qualifying criteria for MROs to ensure there was a set of minimum standards related to financials, insurances, processes and the management of experts. The full list is available here.

Premex, as a high volume national MRO is held to a higher standard and set of criteria when compared to regional or other MROs. To differentiate from a national and regional MRO, the MoJ has developed eight additional requirements which you can see in detailhere. These include:

  • the MRO must have been trading for a minimum of two years;
  • have capacity to process 40,000 medical reports each year;
  • have national coverage; and
  • have access to application software that ensures efficient processing that is streamlined for all stakeholders.

What's next?

Rehabilitation remains unaffected by the launch of MedCo and as such, a claimant solicitor can continue to instruct Premex's Rehabilitation sister company 3d Rehabilitation in the usual way.

Likewise, non-motor medicals and motor 2nd reports can still be instructed direct to Premex without a MedCo search.

Premex. Ready for MedCo.

Claimant solicitors and insurers must all register for MedCo, please click here if you have not already registered. Premex will ensure that its systems can accommodate the additional information such as the unique case ID and continue to provide updates on the MedCo system as and when they emerge. If you have any questions about the MedCo portal please get in touch at or check out our dedicated MedCo page at