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Plus Points - Are You Ready For The Vu Switch?

Medical experts handling complex, high value cases are switching on to the benefits of Vu. Now, with the majority of the Premex+ panel moving online, we’re helping them to make the adjustment.

Since our launch in 2012, Premex+ has established an effective and efficient means of instructing experts on more complex cases. A growing panel of medical specialists from psychiatrists to gynaecologists; A&E consultants to neurosurgeons are working with our network of instructing solicitors on an increasingly frequent basis.

Now, the Premex+ panel is taking its next step with the switchover to Vu, a secure, online solution that enables fast and accurate reporting, all in one place via your web browser.

Why switch to Vu?

At Premex, we’re well aware that medical experts have a huge number of responsibilities and any reduction in administration will be welcomed.

Using Vu, expert panel members are saving up to a week’s worth of administration time by uploading reports and receiving instructions online, without any of the hassle of printing, posting, formatting or digitising records of their own. Perhaps most importantly, Premex+ expert panel members can wash their hands of all data security obligations now that records are held, securely, online by us.

Dr Jonathan Lieberman, a clinical negligence specialist and Director of H&L Reports in Manchester comments:

“The development of the Vu system in recent years has really brought Premex+ onto the next level. At a rough estimate, it probably cuts a week’s waiting time from the reporting process. There really is no room to have paper based systems anymore and waiting for records in the post, copying them, digitising them and shredding paper all takes up valuable time at my office. Vu is safe and secure and gives us an efficient platform to run our business.”