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Plus Points - Solicitor perspective

Nick Harris is a Partner at Simpson Millar and Head of the Travel Claims Team in Manchester. One of the first non-RTA type practices to embrace the medical agency model, Nick says with the right service, solicitors handling complex and non-standard cases can find real benefits.

Why are agencies becoming more popular for solicitors dealing with complex injury cases?

“Getting the right expert witness is essential for case management and this is historically why so many solicitors, particularly those that handle more complex cases, have their preferred suppliers. Simpson Millar instructs a number of agencies and the providers we have the best relationships with, tend to be the ones who understand our business and know what value a medical expert can provide for the typical claims we handle.”


What should solicitors do to make sure they get the right service?

“Solicitors should demand more from their agency. Essentially, they’re there to work hard and find the most appropriately skilled individual as near as possible to where the client lives. To do this, they’ve got to know precisely what information is pertinent to the case and make sure any amendments are dealt with quickly.”


Which element of case management do you think benefits most from agency support?

“In no particular order, it would probably be liaison with the injured party to make sure they attend their appointment and obtaining medical records. We have to be as efficient as possible and we have to ensure medical records are received and returned in good time. Solicitors should demand nothing less from their agency than to manage this process carefully.”