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Plus Points - Your Questions Answered

Medical practitioners and solicitors frequently ask us what, beyond their existing relationships, an agency like Premex+ can deliver. For PlusPoints’ inaugural first edition we put Head of Premex+, Maria Hardwidge, under the spotlight to ascertain what Premex+ brings to the table for instructing parties and experts.

When injuries and illnesses are more complex, the requirements of a case are inevitably compounded. This is why Premex+ launched in 2012 after many years of development, supported by considerable demand from the industry. We could have opened our doors sooner, but we wanted to get it absolutely right.

Nevertheless, we understand that for some solicitors and medical practitioners, the question of whether to work with an agency has yet to be fully answered. Here Maria tries to answer one or two of the typical questions our team face from a more sceptical public…

Q - Why do some solicitors handling complex injury claims historically choose not to use a medico legal agency?

An assumption is often made that our expert panel will not meet the specialised requirements for complex cases, we do in fact work with some of the most well respected experts within their field and it is more than likely that we will already have your preferred experts on board. Our service has evolved over the last 4 years and as we continue to work with leading law firms within the industry, we are in a prime position to offer bespoke, customer-driven service options allowing you to retain control and liaise directly with the expert. We are also sometimes asked if adding another party into the process will lengthen the time taken to progress the case – at Premex+ our prime focus is to speed up the administrative, chase and payment processes to ultimately reduce the case lifecycle.   

Q - What does a medico legal agency bring to the table for solicitors handling complex injury claims?

At Premex+ we  have dedicated resource including our in-house clinical nurse to continuously source experts across the broad range of specialisms including the more specific and specialised areas of clinical negligence and serious injury. 

We have also been endorsed by a number of leading medical experts and legal practitioners and our client base has grown both in diversity and volume by building key relationships and engaging in key industry events, in addition to hosting our own medical expert conferences. We are tried and tested which has resulted in exposure to medical experts that are now instrumental in niche cases.

Our specialist team are fully equipped to handle the most complex and sensitive of cases with a dedicated on-boarding team to make your transition to an agency seamless.

We offer a range of funding options whilst delivering competitive expert payment terms. Alongside the specialist medical reporting service and covered by the funding we also offer clinical negligence screening,  pagination services through our Pagin8 service and multi-track  case management via 3d+. 

If you would like to learn more about Premex+, please contact us either by e-mail at or by telephone on 01204 478 320.