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Premex Services Awarded ‘Medico Legal Provider of the Year 2016’

Premex has been recognised as the market’s leading medical reporting organisation, winning the sector’s blue riband prize at the Personal Injury Awards in London.

The company collected first prize in the category, Medico Legal Provider of the Year, and a second award for its work in creating a market leading data security framework certified under the globally recognised ISO 27001 standard.

“In 2016, Premex Services celebrated its 20th anniversary. From relatively humble beginnings, our medical reporting business is now the central hub of a wider organisation employing 850 people,” says Mike Cutler, Managing Director of Premex Services. “While longevity can sometimes lead to stagnation, 2016 has been one of the busiest years in our recent history. The company has reached new customer milestones and brought forward innovations which deliver true value for the personal injury claims process.

“We’re very happy our efforts have been recognised by the judges at the 2016 Eclipse Proclaim Personal Injury Awards, and thank everyone at Premex for their hard work in making this year such a success.”

Supporting the industry

In addition to winning the prize as best MRO in the UK, Premex also took home the award in the category ‘Supporting the Industry’.

The category recognises companies whose’ work drives improvement on behalf of customers and the wider legal industry.

Premex was awarded the prize for its investment in data security using the ISO 27001 framework which protects our customers and their instructing parties from cyber risk and data breach.

“The core function of our group involves the processing of sensitive personal data,” adds Donald Fowler, CEO of Premex Group. “Although our organisation is not directly regulated; our customer base and expert panel certainly are. So we invested a seven figure sum to deliver a comprehensive ISO 27001 certified management system that provides total assurance for our customers, creates a competitive advantage for ourselves and has become a beacon of best practice for the industry.

“Again, we are very happy to be recognised for our commitment to this essential supply chain management function. Our customers trust Premex with their information and we have developed the most advanced security system available to ensure it is kept safe from cyber criminals or data breach.” 

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