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Meet Jackie Lawrence

Since joining us at the tender age of 19, Jackie has risen through the ranks and is now an instrumental member of our Account Management team for Premex Services.

Jackie’s friends nickname her Peter Pan for her fun loving and youthful personality. She brings lots of energy to the office and never shies away from a challenge. She’s skydived three times from 20,000ft! Jackie’s also a big music fan and likes to go to as many festivals, raves and gigs as she can. We asked her…

What does your role involve?

Good question! A LOT! Monitoring and managing SLAs and MI, payment plans and reconciliations, problem solving, contracts, new business, growth of existing accounts, presentations, travel, client visits and entertainment.

What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

Probably the problem solving aspect. Having worked at Premex for so long and in different departments, I’d say I have quite extensive knowledge of how things work or should work at Premex. I get satisfaction from finding a problem and fixing it, providing the best customer service I can and helping my colleagues do the same. You don’t forget good customer service and I want my clients to have that trust in me as their Account Manager. I also enjoy meeting my clients, putting faces to names and getting to know them.

Why Premex?

I started working at Premex when I was 19, fresh out of college thinking I’ll just get an office job for a while until I know what I want to do. 14 years later I’m still here and still asking myself what I want to do when I grow up! During my time at Premex I have learnt so much, about the ever-changing industry, the importance of great customer service and delivering a service well. I know I am very lucky to work with such a great team of people, and for a company who really do look after you. Oh, and I pretty much live on the doorstep, so that’s quite handy too!

What’s your biggest achievement and why?

Buying my own house after years of renting and living with friends. I love going home to my own home, designing the rooms, getting excited about tiles and mastering the Ikea flat pack!

When and where was the best rave you went to?

There have been so many for different reasons! This is a tricky question! I’d probably have to say at Milton Keynes Bowl for the Swedish House Mafia farewell gig, where I ended up in the music video, loving life.