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Meet Mike Dunleavy

Sales Director Mike Dunleavy commutes to our Bolton office from the Wirral where he lives with his wife, three teenagers and pet dog Marley.

Mike has over 15 years’ experience of leading sales teams, including many years experience selling services into the legal and insurance sector. In his free time he loves to play sports, especially tennis and even plays for his local tennis club. We asked him…

What does your job involve?

Working with existing and new customers to meet their evolving needs when buying services from a Tier 1 independent medical report agency. It’s my job to make our customers more efficient and profitable by helping them to outsource non-core elements of their services.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

I love meeting customers, negotiating deals, solving their problems and building long lasting relationships truly built on partnerships.

Why Premex?

I want to be part of a growing business that thrives on change and puts its customers at the heart of everything they do. I also want to work in an environment that is fun, and rewards hard work and integrity.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I am a very keen sportsman both playing and watching a number of sports. I still play veterans league football, I love playing tennis, racquetball, cycling, running and attending British Army Fitness classes with my teenage daughter.

What’s your biggest achievement and why?

I am very proud of my family and how we have all made sacrifices and worked together to support each other in achieving our goals to date. In my professional career, I truly try to deliver of my best every day and this mantra has served me well throughout my career to date in achieving a great many goals and targets where others may have failed.

Tell us a fun fact about you…

I have a secret ambition to write a comedy sketch for a TV show!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

At the weekend, there is nothing better than having a beer, reading the papers in the company of my wife Helen in a nice pub late afternoon.

How long have you been playing tennis?

Having played as a child, I started playing tennis again about 8 years ago.

Who is your favourite tennis player?

I was a big Boris Becker fan, and I am now a massive fan of the absolutely fantastic player that is Andy Murray

Personal motto…

Treat defeat and/or victory with equal grace.