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Meet Wayne Brannan

As Senior Commercial Manager Wayne is responsible for commercial strategy, business proposals and making deals happen.

A lover of sport, science and poetry, Wayne lives in Haworth (Bronte country) with his wife and two sons. He also has a famous cousin, can you guess who?

How long have you worked at Premex?

I’ve worked here around two and a half years.

What does your job involve?

Looking into the numbers underpinning our relationships, commercial strategy, proposals and making deals.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most? 

Making a deal work for everybody.

Why Premex?  

Premex are a key partner of my former employer, Minster Law, so I had known them well for some time prior to joining.  In the face of constant regulatory challenge these guys always seemed to be able to adapt better than most. I was glad to get on board with the genuine market leaders to contribute to their continued success.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I’m a keen runner, a big Formula 1 fan and Bradford City supporter. I also love physics and poetry. I’m lucky enough to live in Bronte country (Haworth) with my wife, two sons, a dog called Scout and a tank of Neon Tetra fish.

What’s your biggest achievement and why?

Due to a family tragedy, simultaneously being a sole carer to a child, finding a new job and cancelling and re-arranging my wedding (at every level of detail) within the space of a month. The most trying time in my adult life and it all came off.

Tell us a fun fact about you…

Zain Malik is my first cousin.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Stuffed vine leaves and the works of Wilfred Owen.

Personal motto...

If you want something to be different, you work hard to make a difference and change it.  Not waive sticks at people with bits of cardboard stuck to it.