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The Satellite View: Premextra top tips

Sight of Medical Records - Don't hold anything back!

Since the MOJ changes some solicitors are reluctant to sanction a review of records without a prior request for sight of the records from the instructed consultant. However, in my experience this would be a mistake. Premex Services' panel of consultants almost always wishes to see all relevant records before an examination. If the consultant is instructed without records they will invariably reserve their opinion until they've seen them. This builds in considerable delay to the process, not to mention the extra cost of a supplementary report so be forewarned!

Requesting Medical Records - Make sure they're appropriate to the expert's speciality

Medical records should only be requested that are relevant to the expert type, unnecessary requests can delay the claims process. Dr Tom Carnwath, Consultant Psychiatrist one of our panel experts in a recent feedback session commented, ' In the case of psychiatric reports one only needs the GP records and records of any psychiatric treatment - there is no need to waste time, effort and money on notes that have no bearing on a person's psychological state  e.g. A&E records, x-rays etc…'

Do Not Attends - one of the quickest ways to drop off...

One of the most frustrating things for both the solicitor and Medical Agency; this guarantees a delay in your case and can increasingly lead to claims drop off. Often DNAs are for reasons beyond ours and the solicitors control but anything you can do in conjunction with our SMS reminder 72 hours before your client's appointment will assist in getting your client to the appointment first time. Why not ensure that you client's appointment is convenient at day one by booking it through Vu, our online instruction and appointment booking system.