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Jack strikes back

In a move described by one report as 'making an ex minister feel like a wide-eyed back-bencher', Jack Straw MP has caused huge waves in the personal injury market, with a personal campaign against referral fees in personal injury.

It says something of the media's perceptions of the current administration that only when a FORMER Justice Secretary wades into a debate, should it then really be taken seriously.

From an interview on Radio4's Today programme in which his soundbite 'The Insurance Industry's dirty little secret' could take flight, the Blackburn MP was rarely out of the media spotlight for weeks. This Storytracker page reveals how the issue snowballed and journalists grappled with the issue on 27th June, and stuck with it until 11th July when Panorama broadcast this programme.   

In the meantime, the Right Honourable Mr Straw MP was asked to answer for his own administration's explanation as to why it hadn't made a big deal when he had the keys to the castle. In thissubscriber only interview in Insurance Times, he explained to David Blackman why his government had not acted on the issue of referral fees. "It's interesting that it didn't feature on my radar," he said. "I don't remember any questions about it in parliament. Had this been brought to my attention, I would have gripped it as a minister."