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What would you do with an extra half hour each day?

Take a nap? More time with the kids? Get some exercise? With Vu Direct, Premex gives you your lost time back. By integrating your case management system with Vu, Premex's online instruction and appointment booking system significantly decreases case handling timescales and reduces thousands of data keystrokes.

Premex is the only agency to offer a completely integrated solution.  With a single click, users can take all relevant data on a client and populate Vu, where you can instruct Premex and book a convenient appointment for your client with no need for re-keying. User experience confirms savings of up to 30 minutes on every case handled. 

In a move that is already saving solicitors significant time and money, Premex has partnered with Eclipse's personal injury case management system Proclaim providing a very simple upgrade for free. 

A number of solicitors' practices have gone live with the Vu-Direct/Proclaim integration including Delta Legal and Handley Law. Manchester-based Delta Legal's head of RTA Paul Woodward explains, "This has significantly improved our productivity and given us greater control over our client relationships in what is a highly competitive market. The set up was completely free and we were up and running quickly and seamlessly."

For more information about the integration please call 01204 478320 or email