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MOJ Portal celebrates its 1st Birthday

This subscriber-only piece pointed out the fact that with no hard figures on the system's performance published since June last year, an accurate report is problematic. This angle was confirmed with agreement from some commentators including incoming APIL President David Bott who suggested it wasn't entirely firing on all four cylinders. However Stephensons partner Andrew Welch disagreed, saying that all things considered, the portal is "going pretty well", saving insurers money and helping with cash flow for lawyers. 

Post Magazine reported on 27 April how the RTA Portal's independent chairman was warning against any hasty expansion of the system. Tim Wallis told the insurance industry trade magazine: "You can't rush the extension of this portal, when people suggest, 'let's go into employers' liability and public liability, you still have to create a streamlined system and that took two years last time round."

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