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Premex employees demonstrated striking contrasts in fancy dress choices after the company combined two charity fundraising drives on the same day. Dozens of ladies and gents donned pretty in pink outfits for Breast Cancer Campaign's 'Wear it Pink' day only to arrive at the company's Bolton Headquarters to be faced off by ghoulish Halloween monsters, blood-soaked zombies and psychotic surgeons.

The Halloween charity event saw a good mixture of ghouls versus pinks and overall the teams raised over £750 for the two charities. Please click here to view some pictures from the day

The Halloween crowd was fundraising for the MPS Society, which stands for Mucopolysaccharidosis. There are several different types of this condition; Children with the disease are born without a certain enzyme in their body which means that they slowly mentally and physically deteriorate over time due to the cells not being broken down in the body, this means that they could usually die about the age of 6 - 8 years old.

This society aims to raise awareness of this disease as the types are so rare that they only affect about 1 in 110,000 children. As well as this the society tries to raise money for the children to go through operations such as bone marrow transplants and enzyme replacement therapy, hip replacement and so on. They provide funding for families who have to stay in hospital. They also provide days out for the children, as after a few years some children will be in a wheelchair and they find it hard to get out.

Breast cancer campaign is currently supporting 101 research projects worth over £17.2 million in 34 centres of excellence across the UK and Ireland.