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From January 2012, all nomination requests will need to be made online through Vu, our online portal. Here at Premextra we always want to make things easy for you with the best advice at your fingertips so here's our handy guide to all things nominations...

Top 5 Tips to reduce case lifecycles:

In the majority of RTA cases there is 'in fact' no need to nominate:

1. If the case falls into the MoJ RTA process there is no need to nominate

2. If the third party insurer is a signatory to the MRO agreement and you are instructing a GP, Orthopaedic or A&E specialist, there is no need to nominate. (The list of Insurer signatories can be found here)

If you need to nominate then do it online, it could not be easier:

3. All you need to do is login to Vu and enter your case reference, the expert type and the injured party's postcode and your nominations will instantly appear and will immediately be sent by email. 

4. Our quick and easy service irons out a range of slower processes, shortening case lifecycles, by up to seven days, and give you even greater convenience

 5. You can also use Vu to instruct and arrange a convenient medical appointment - all online.

Are you ready for the switch?  If you are interested in saving time and still have not registered for our free online service Vu then please call 01204 478320 or email