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At the heart of Premex's offering is the most comprehensive panel of medical experts available. This month we began our series of Expert Seminars which helps to keep our panel at the cutting edge of medico-legal practice.

The essential work of keeping Premex's core services absolutely current and up to date took on a face to face element this month with our Expert Seminar Series. Medical professionals from across our panel joined each other for training, discussion and debate.

Presentations from president of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers David Bott around how the Ministry of Justice Reforms will impact the personal injury claims process and an overview from Premex's chief medical officer Scott Darling were augmented with interactive features for a stimulating event.

"We've used voting paddles at the seminars for a few years now and it keeps the panel members on their toes," explained Donald Fowler, managing director of Premex Services. "Once the medical experts have spent a bit of time digesting all this new material, we make things nice and interactive and the panel gets to take home a real understanding of the latest thinking in medico-legal practice."

The next Expert Seminar is scheduled for 30th November and will be held at The Royal College of Physicians' Dorchester Library next to Regents Park in London. To book your place,   click here