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1. You have recently been appointed Chairman of AMRO; what do you hope to bring to the role?

"It's a real pleasure to be able to chair AMRO again and I'd like to say a big thank you to Matthew Game for all his work over the past two years. We've had a very busy twelve months and I expect no let up for 2013. My priority will be to maintain and continue to push the standards of service offered by our industry so that customers can rest assured they are receiving the highest quality of medical expert evidence to support their cases. At AMRO we will support that goal by continuing to set benchmarks for best practice within the industry and to communicate the value that independent medical reporting organisations provide in the personal injury process."

2. What are the main challenges in the year ahead?

"There can be no doubt the personal injury profession is facing a year of unprecedented change. Solicitors have the twin reforms of costs and ownership to contend with, while defendants face an increasing obligation to push cases through the Ministry of Justice portal; all of this places great emphasis on the need for medical expert evidence to be of the highest possible quality. Both Premex and its colleagues amongst the AMRO membership are in regular dialogue with policy makers so the essential nature of our work is recognised."

3. How has Premex evolved since it became part of the ExamWorks family in 2011?

"Premex has now been part of the ExamWorks family for around eighteen months and the business continues to grow and evolve. We are part of a global group which offers support, financial backing and scalability, and we are encouraged to develop our service and technology offering. In actual fact, technology was one of the aspects which brought Premex and ExamWorks together; the guys in the US were very enthusiastic about the potential of our e-service offerings such as the online portal Vu. There are also some interesting challenges of being part of a larger group; for example we are currently embarking on a project to update information security in line with our financial reporting obligations in the US."

4. Your second home is at Manchester City - Are you confident for the new season?

"We showed from the first match against Southampton that sometimes we like to do things the hard way but I was delighted with our achievements last year. Here's hoping the blue side of Manchester can enjoy a period of dominance from here on in!"