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We always like to introduce a new feature and this month we are launching PremExchange; interviews with the people behind the brand. This month we are talking to Chris Wheatley, Sales and Marketing Director of Premex Group. Having been with the group for over six years Premextra finds more about his experiences and what he gets up to outside of  Premextra - Chriswork.

Chris began his working life at adidas. A keen sportsman he transferred his passions to managing the high profile brand and its track and field athletes.  After working his way up to Sports Marketing Manager Chris changed direction and joined the medico legal industry.  A key focus of his role at adidas was relationship management and development, so when the opportunity arose to put these skills to use in another sector he did. Whilst working at Premex Chris has gained an MBA, specialising in relationships within the service sector.

What makes you proud of Premex?

My role is to build and maintain a strong brand, ensure we continually respond to market dynamics and develop relationships with our customers.  In the six years since I have been part of the group I believe we have developed a business known for its customer focus and integrity. Within that we have created suite of services and technology that put customers' needs first. 

The strength of the wolf is in the pack- I think I have created a great team and am lucky to work with a bunch of great people.

How has marketing evolved during your career? 

Digital marketing is something I have had to learn about and embrace.  I would never have thought that a business to business outsourcing company could have successfully adopted a social media strategy and communicated regularly with its customers but we have.

Both the legal and insurance markets have embraced social networks like twitter and linkedin over the past year and they've become an integral part of our communications strategy. We use them to keep in touch with clients and to inform others about what we and the rest of the market is up to. The conversation never stops.

What do you get up to outside work?

I am a real fitness fanatic and have a love for all types of sports and the mentality of training hard to achieve a goal.  My latest adventure has involved taking up a new sport- rowing. I recently competed in the world indoor rowing championships in Boston, USA where I came 8th in the men's lightweight 30-39 category. When I'm not at work or training I love spending time doing "outdoor stuff" with my 2 boys and wife.