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Premex Group's invitation by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Insurance and Financial Services, provided an opportunity to clarify how medical reporting organisations deliver their services. Our exclusive report reveals the details.

Premex Group Managing Director Donald Fowler and Chief Executive Dr Simon Margolis delivered a much needed presentation to policymakers last week.

In a move described as '   balancing the debate', by one commentator, the pair explained to APPG members that seven specific myths such as doctors benefiting financially from the outcome of claims or one politician famously describing those diagnosing whiplash associated disorders as "3rd rate" should be extinguished, otherwise policy decisions will be arrived at in error.

Donald made sure members understood that Premex's panel of 4500 medical experts were all GMC registered, 90% of whom are practicing NHS doctors. He added that experts' income is not - as has been suggested in the media - dependent on the outcome of a case; and doctors, he continued, can use their training and clinical experience to consider all the facts and circumstances and as there currently exists no test or technology to definitively prove or disprove the extent of soft tissue injuries - they are best placed to provide this assessment.

"There is an increasing perception that the medical profession is adding fuel to the personal injury claims fire," explains Donald. "This is an inappropriate generalisation and inappropriate policy decisions could be arrived at on the back of incorrect or incomplete information."

Alongside the British Medical Association, Premex Group has offered its support to the APPG in assisting policymakers with their inquiries.