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Following the success of 2011's expert seminars, Premex has announced four new courses. We speak to chief medical officer Scot Darling about what to expect this year.

1) Why is it so important for Premex to develop and maintain a  training programme for its experts?

Ongoing training is a priority investment as we seek to continually raise standard  for our customer base. Medical experts themselves benefit from greater knowledge and recognition by the Courts; the courses are also an excellent opportunity to meet with peers and share ideas and experience to generate consensus of opinion. CPD accreditation is also helpful for medical experts' subsequent appraisals within the NHS.

2)    What was the response from medical experts to the 2011 programme?

Feedback from around 200 delegates last year confirmed an overwhelming sense that we are on the right track. 85% said the course was either excellent or very good, with similar numbers considering that it was "appropriate to their needs and aims", and again around 85% of delegates considered that the course was either excellent or very good regarding it being "informative and beneficial".  95% of all delegates considered that it "met its stated objectives". This reflects that we are in tune with the experts' needs and wishes in providing them with an informative and enjoyable day.

3)    What's the thinking behind this year's topics? 

Four courses have been planned for 2012, two regarding personal injury reporting and as we expand our services, we have developed expert training for clinical negligence and noise induced hearing loss. These courses are intended to benchmark the standards required to successfully be a medical expert in these specialities. The two personal injury courses have been designed to cover all levels of experience. We are running a small nationwide course on a monthly basis to encourage expert development, whilst our flagship,   annual conference as always will allow further medical advancement in a stimulating and entertaining way along with dealing with industry issues which currently is a hot topic. I am very excited about all of these courses and what they will offer as the market leader, to both our experts and the industry.

4)    What are the three most valuable things about the Premex panel?

  1. Independence: Our panel addresses the courts alone
  2. Professional standards: Our panel is comprised of high quality doctors
  3. Diversity: with 4500 members, there is a huge breadth of experience, background and expertise

5) Do you think a recognised certification for medical experts would be valuable for insurers, solicitors and the public?

Absolutely. This type of approach will become the recognised industry standard of quality in providing medical evidence. Leading from the front has always been Premex Group's mentality and recognised qualifications are one way in which medical reporting organisations as trusted intermediaries can maintain faith in the professional values that our experts guarantee whilst performing their roles. Our duty as the UK's leading medical agency is to maintain and improve standards and leave everyone with no uncertainty as to who is the best. This can only further improve confidence from all stakeholders that Premex can always be trusted in getting it right first time.