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Premex has taken to the road this month to explain how its independent panel of medical experts deliver evidence to the courts.

Like many service-led businesses, we are always keen to answer questions about how we operate and deliver value to clients. This month, Donald Fowler, managing director of Premex Services enjoyed an audience with more than 500 professionals where he took to the stage at the I Love Claims event in Coventry.

Donald began his presentation with a few home truths… "There have also been calls in the press very recently that medical evidence should be procured via independent panels of doctors - we find this somewhat strange as that is exactly what we do provide," he said.

"We operate a single panel of experts and instruct the same panel of experts regardless of whether our client is a claimant solicitor or an insurance company - we provide medical evidence, using the identical process, to both sides of the industry."

Premex has been providing independent medical evidence for personal injury claims since 1996 and Donald pointed out that while the panel of experts used by the firm has grown, doctors' obligations remain fixed. "Let's not lose sight of the fact that each expert signs a statement of truth at the end of each report and that when they sign it off it is addressed to the court, for which they may be called to attend court and answer questions on the report itself."