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This month we are 'exchanging' with the new Managing Director of Premex Rehabilitation; he explains the vision for rehab and his recent joy at Man City's title triumph.

What are you going to take from your time at Premex Services?

It certainly opened my eyes to the complexities of what we do, having naïvely thought on entering the business 'how difficult can it be to obtain a medical report?'. For the most part it is a simple process but there are a multitude of logistical and technical hurdles to overcome along the way.

What have you got in store for Premex Rehabilitation?

Hopefully more of the same as the team under Jo French's guidance have made some tremendous improvements to their systems and processes in the past six months. I'll look to build on these foundations and grow the business whilst also looking to make inroads into related services and sectors where we currently do not have a presence.

Have you recovered from the blue moon rising?

Just about. City winning the title is still a bit of blur but I've watched the winning goal a hundred times since so it's starting to sink in. Hopefully there's more to come and the good times will continue to roll.

When I'm not watching my beloved city, I enjoy playing golf (badly!) and spending time with my wife and my two young children Sophie (5) and William (20 months).