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Premex held its inaugural Future Focus Group in Manchester this month, inviting guests from the personal injury profession to discuss their own plans and vote on our products and services. Here's how it went...

With the personal injury market place facing unprecedented change, Premex is keen to ensure its services are at the vanguard in terms of their value to customers. So, with voting paddles in hand, a dozen of Premex's customers in the solicitor marketplace were asked to give their opinions about what our service means to them and what improvements we might make.

Topics ranged from the importance of choosing an AMRO-member medical reporting agency and how members of the Future Focus Group rated our expert panel.

Chris Wheatley, Sales and Marketing Director of Premex Services, explained: "The responses to these and all the questions we asked were very useful. For example, the quorum gave a score of 4.2 out of 5 to the question, 'Do you consider Premex to be an essential service provider to your business?' affirming our commitment to remain a highly relevant part of the supply chain. Of course there were areas with less support from customers and the important thing is that we will take this research away and hone our services to suit the needs of customers and the claimant alike." 

Craig Underwood, director of legal services at Minster Law, declared that it was useful to have an opportunity for a frank exchange of views with the key businesses that form our supply chain. "Like many of my peers at the Future Focus Group, there were areas on which we all agreed and others which sparked debate so I'm glad to have taken part."

Susan Vanden, partner at Simpson Millar added: "We're acutely aware of the importance of the claimant's customer journey and role that the medical examination and reporting process plays in it. It's good to see that medical reporting organisations like Premex are aware of this."

Alex Kenny, RTA Manager at Fletchers Solicitors, also pointed out that the FFG wasn't purely a Premex affair: "We had an opportunity to debate the future of our industry at a time of significant change which I valued a great deal. Everyone who was at the Future Focus Group had a slightly different perspective about the threats and opportunities in our market so the event provided a useful insight that I was able to relay back at our firm."