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Food for thought from TSC

Just as everyone was dusting off their sunhats, the Transport Select Committee held up its mirror to the motor insurance industry.

On 31st July the House of Commons Transport Select Committee published its fourth report of session, with commentators generally in support of its recommendations. For its part, Premex Services delivered a comprehensive dossier on the role of medical evidence, followed by an appearance from Premex Group CEO Dr Simon Margolis at the TSC's hearing in June.

In response to the TSC's report, Dr Margolis said that it contains a number of ideas which would make the medical reporting process more robust to the benefit of claimants and defendants alike.

"This latest report demonstrates that the TSC has clearly considered a wide range of facts and opinions provided by ourselves and other parties that gave evidence. The process has moved on substantially from its beginnings and we applaud the efforts of MPs to make sensible recommendations that would improve the delivery of medical evidence in personal injury cases."

Dr Margolis added that recommendations such as auditing of medical reports and accreditation of medical experts within a unified code of practice were worth considering. "Any proposal which encourages best practice by medical experts will win our support. Similarly, proposals which encourage the proper sharing of information would be of substantial benefit. We agree that more information about the accident along with assessment of the claimant's medical records where appropriate, would further validate medical evidence and support the equitable settlement of personal injury claims."