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A combination of money raised by staff and donations from Premex Group saw our total support for good causes more than double in 2012 with charities nominated by our customers often benefitting most.

Premex raised in excess of £52 000 during 2012 for charities ranging from the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) to the Bolton Hospice, with a number of these nominated by Premex customers. The company has a strong commitment to corporate and social responsibility and Simon Margolis, Chairman and Chief Executive of Premex Group explains that an increasing part of that is to support the good work of the company's customer base.

"To have raised this much in 2012 compared to just over £17 000 in 2011 is a great achievement and I think it's an essential role for a company such as ours to support the charitable work of our clients. We are frequently approached about nominated charities and where possible we were more than happy partner them."

Premex staff themselves raised over £4000 for the company's nominated charity, The Christie Cancer hospital, and with the company promising to match donations generated by employees, 2012 has been a highly successful year.

"I can't praise our staff enough," said Simon. "They've done fun runs, fancy dress, you name it. Anything and everything to generate cash for these worthy causes. I only hope we can take the same approach in 2013 as it will be a hard figure to live up to."