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i-sign - All in a day’s work

Launched in the spring of 2013, i-sign's unique software tool go! has helped remove some significant bottlenecks in the personal injury process map. 

By using its digital document collection service, same day appointments can be booked on day one of a case and documents are instantly returned moments after the completed appointment, significantly reducing timescales and improving client retention.   

A number of solicitors have already gone live and are experiencing the benefits of go! including JC & A Solicitors.  They've seen a same day service; by booking an online appointment on day one of the case, the client was then visited at four o'clock in the afternoon by an agent and a signed CFA was received by the end of the day. 

Not only has JC & A Solicitors been fully supportive of the new software, but i-sign's peer group also sang its praises, when go! left with two gongs at the recent Personal Injury Awards in May . 

"It was great to have that recognition but the important thing is for customers like JC & A Solicitors to be happy enough with the service that they can explain why," says Gordon Healiss, Managing Director of i-sign. "We'll always commit to innovating and we're confident that go! puts our customers significantly ahead of the competition."