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Return to Westminster

After more than eighteen months supporting the sector at government enquiries and all party groups, Premex Group's final obligation in our rollercoaster year of reform was to the Transport Select Committee.

With the Transport Committee continuing its investigation into the cost of motor insurance, Premex Group CEO Dr Simon Margolis accepted MPs' invitation to present evidence at the end of May. Joined by expert witness Dr Andre Brittain-Dissont, Simon explained in detail to the committee how the current process operates and where improvements might be pushed through to maintain an efficient, independent medical reporting process.

MPs fixated on the means by which doctors will diagnose whiplash related disorders and how prognoses are reached following examination. After explaining the basics, Simon pointed out that one of the areas where the current system could be improved is through the introduction of greater scrutiny of medical history. "With any medical condition, the history is absolutely key in coming to conclusion on diagnosis," he said. "That is one of the areas where improvements could be made to the current system; as far as these types of injuries are concerned the expert may be provided a history from the claimant alone which makes it difficult for the medical expert to reach a conclusion based on a single account of events."

You can watch the committee's hearing here and view the entirety of Premex Services' evidence here.

The Transport Committee will hold its second evidence session on the cost of motor insurance on Monday 17th June 4:05 pm.  You can watch the live coverage here.