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Testing the water

Lawyers are nothing if not a creative profession, so it was of little surprise when Premextra spotted signs that firms are seeking out new markets. Here's our roundup of the top stories from the past 30 days.

Some practitioners never speak to the press for fear of giving away their best secrets, but there was no such reticence from our friends at Bott & Co, after the Law Society Gazette got wind of a new kind of mile-high club. In its 10th June report 'New potential market for aviation claims', the Gazette spoke with Bott's managing partner, Paul Hinchcliffe who pointed out  how in March the European Commission had opened a potential floodgate when it outlined revisions to Regulation 261/2004, which establishes passengers' right to compensation. We're assuming Paul and his team are way ahead of the curve on this one and with 8% of eligible claims receiving a payout according to the Gazette, there could be 92 good reasons for such a move.

Elsewhere, there was an interesting story from software provider Epoq, which told Solicitors' Journal that its LASPO-compliant referral scheme would help potential clients introduced by claims management companies connect lawfully with one another. Epoq co-founder Richard Cohen told SJ The LegalGo plan will be distributed by a referrer who may be working regularly with one or more firms, and because the referral is made through a platform where clients, not referrers, send their details, it is lawful under the ban in section 56 of LASPO.

Of course, one brand name which has never been far from anyone's mind over the course of the past couple of years has been Co-operative Legal Services and early this month, we were able to witness how this big hitting high street name would sell legal services, now it's been given the chance. The mutual's advert gave a pretty clear indication of where they're pitching things however back amongst the profession; CLS' Director of Marketing Ian Mackie may have ruffled a few feathers when he was quoted in Marketing Magazine in support of the campaign. Needless to say, Legal Futures told it like it is, including a full apology from Mr Mackie's boss.