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Solicitors operating in the post-LASPO era can benefit from an innovative new digital document collection service launched by i-sign. go! is a tablet-based application for agents instructed by solicitors and delivers instant document return and vital time and cost savings. i-sign's managing director Gordon Healiss caught up with Premextra to answer four quick questions about the new service that is set to revolutionise the sign-up sector.

Premextra: How does go! work?

GH: "An agent, using a tablet device enabled with the go! application (Android and Apple) visits the client as normal; explains the documents on the tablet device and obtains an electronic signature. go! guides the i-sign agent and the claimant through the process, allowing photo capture for proof of identity and even sketch drawings (accident scene). When the documents are signed they are automatically delivered back to the customer within seconds."

Premextra: Why should my firm use it?

GH: "Under the Pre Action Protocols a signature must be obtained from a claimant, the process of turning a verbal agreement into a legally binding contract is the first step in many law firms' business process. Secondly, with new rules such as Damages Based and Conditional Fee Agreements, i-sign agents can use go! to support in the explanation of these changes to clients."

Premextra: What are the main benefits to my firm?

GH: "Speed, same day client capture and improved client satisfaction. When margins per claim are under pressure, the difference between getting a claim going immediately and waiting days or weeks for the signed agreements to come through means your fee earners can be much more productive and your clients will appreciate the swift an efficient nature in which you operate."

How do I try it out?

GH: "We have a demonstration that showcases the whole process, to arrange a viewing or to obtain further information about the digital document revolution please call 0845 160 1680 or email "