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Whiplash and small claims dominate

Just in time for the MASS conference, the Ministry of Justice published its response to the whiplash consultation. Here's our roundup of industry reaction…

There was a mixture of relief and frustration from personal injury and insurance claims professionals upon publication of the MOJ's response to the consultation on whiplash and reducing the cost of motor insurance. At one end of the scale, insurer LV= expressed disappointment at what it called the 'delay' in any decision on raising the small claims limit to £5000. Martin Milliner, claims director at LV= told Post Magazine: "The limit for personal injury claims has not increased since the 1990s, whereas the average cost of a personal injury claim has doubled in this time - meaning that 96% of all claims now fall outside of the portal and attract legal costs."

Elsewhere the decision was branded a reprieve, as claimant groups got behind the decision to assess the impact of the LASPO Act before revisiting any debate on raising the limit. Both MASS and APIL joined the chorus of approval, as chairman Craig Budsworth said "our members will today be breathing a huge sigh of relief", while APIL reminded everyone of its belief that the best way to reduce accidents was to pay further attention to its anti-tailgating campaign identified by the twitter hashtag #backoff.