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Thumbs up for Client Vu

In a few short months, Client Vu has significantly reduced Premex's 'Did Not Attend' (DNA) figures and has received ringing endorsements from injured parties, delivering an enhanced experience as well as valuable efficiency and productivity gains for all involved. 

Premex has updated customers on its latest innovation, Client Vu, with the news that 95% of injured parties have confirmed that they received an excellent service through the system.

With just short of 7000 injured parties logging in during March 2014, Client Vu provides flexibility for customers and a marked improvement in DNA figures. "The productivity gains that Client Vu is helping to deliver for our instructing parties are very pleasing," says Chris Wheatley, Sales & Marketing Director at Premex Group. "The average has already dropped around 4% and we will work hard to ensure that these gains are maintained.

"The other target is how injured parties feel when going through the medical process and this is where Client Vu plays a key role. We surveyed users to ascertain their experiences and overall the results show that people think it is easy to use, convenient and it has instructions that are easy to understand."  For more information about Client Vu,  please click here