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MedCo opens for claimant solicitor and insurer registrations

MedCo Registration Solutions (MRS) has announced that it is now inviting registrations with the company. This will be in advance of the search facility becoming fully operational on 6 April. 

MRS is the organisation responsible for implementing the Government's policy of randomly allocating experts to prepare medical reports in soft tissue injury claims. 

Claimant solicitors and insurance companies, as commissioners of medical reports, are being invited to register with the system by providing relevant information about their firm and indicating that they will adhere to a system user agreement. Registration can be undertaken through the MedCo website -

Lorraine Rogerson, the independent Chair of the MedCo Board said:

"This is an important milestone for delivering the software underpinning MedCo. The MedCo Board encourages firms to register now, to avoid a last minute rush before the start of the new system on 6 April". 

Registrations for medical reporting organisations and direct medical experts will be invited at a later date. Lorraine Rogerson said:

 "The Board is aware that concerns have been raised about the criteria against which medical reporting organisations will be evaluated. These criteria are a policy decision for the Ministry of Justice which we anticipate receiving shortly"