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Premex scores for customer service

Premex customers have praised the company's convenience and customer service, with 84% and 77% ranking these factors 'Very Good' or 'Excellent' in our 2014 customer survey.  

The company asked instructing parties and members of our medical panel to rate Premex on a scale of one to five (1=poor, 5=excellent) on factors including communication; convenience, customer service, quality and speed. 

In the convenience category, 56% of respondents scored Premex as 'excellent' with a further 28% marking us as 'very good'. In customer service, 44% rated us 'excellent' and 33% 'very good'. In addition, Premex customers rated the business as 'very good' or  'excellent'  for speed (73%), quality (82%) and communication (76%).   

Chris Wheatley, Director of Sales and Marketing, at Premex says. "This is a very pleasing endorsement for Premex. We're committed to developing our service so that customers can maximise their own productivity and we really appreciate the comments of those who answered the survey. Premex has shown that its service is truly valued by instructing parties and we're aiming to make 2014 a year in which that faith is justified.

Customers were also invited to add any further comments about Premex as they saw fit. Graham Heywood at Northampton-based DFA Law LLP, said "There has been the occasional hiccup over the years with isolated problems on individual cases as in all business relationships but the various relationship managers have always sorted those out immediately. [Premex is] a business I can rely upon." 

Douglas Calvert, Relationship Manager at Minster Law, added: "I have found that our contacts at Premex are pro-active in providing solutions and are quick to respond to any questions or queries that we have. They're a pleasure to deal with."