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Brain Injury Group Conference

News: Brain Injury Group Conference

Premex Services is delighted to announce a unique conference next month held by our partners the Brain Injury Group. Focused on reducing the risk of Cerebral Palsy and promoting a healthy start to life for babies born with the condition, tickets are selling fast…

This one day conference is designed to support a safe and healthy start to life for all babies wherever possible and reduce the risk of cerebral palsy (CP), and help to improve the lives of everyone affected by CP and enable them to achieve their full potential. 

Sally Dunscombe, Operations Director at the BIG, says: “This is by far our most ambitious event to date and the team have worked hard to produce an excellent programme, supported by impressive speakers. The conference will appeal to legal and health care professionals alike.”

Premex has had a strategic partnership with the BIG since February 2013 which allows the group’s growing membership of specialist law firms to have access to the market leading complex injury product, Premex + which assists advisors who manage the most serious injury cases. 

For more information about the conference and how to apply, click here.