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Cycling – the new golf

Feature: Cycling – the new golf

Over the years, many of Premex’s customers have been encouraged onto two wheels in the name of networking. But now it seems we were trailblazers in this regard as PremeXtra reports on how cycling-related activities are quickly surpassing golf as the best way to build business relationships.

Getting together with clients outside the office or the conference centre is an essential part of doing business and while we at Premex are partial to 18 holes, we’re also known for a love of two wheels. And now it seems we’re not alone. In 2013, the Economist reported how cycling could be surpassing golf as a popular form of business networking, while these riders in Suffolk donned lycra and crash helmets for a networking event with a difference.

So what should you do if the golf clubs seem less and less interesting? Well, here’s Premex’s top three cycling-to-network ideas. We’ve tried all of them and they are great…

Premex’s top three cycling networking ideas

1)     Around the Velodrome

Nowhere else can match the excitement of speed, the thrill of riding round bends that feel like you’re teetering on a cliff edge; all inside a nice warm and dry environment where everything but your clothes are provided as part of a great value package. Premex organised its leg of the I Love Claims “Great Big Charity Challenge” in 2012 with 16 riders and has since returned with clients and friends to Manchester Velodrome on numerous occasions.

2)     On the road

Having organised last year’s assent up the giant Mont Ventoux, feedback from our guests ranged from “the greatest experience of our lives” to “a fantastic challenge I’ll remember forever,”. Can you get that kind of memory by networking over 18 holes?

3)     Off-road

Those of you lucky enough to live within a short drive of the Welsh, Scottish or Pennine Hills may be familiar with a growing number of specially constructed mountain bike courses. Organised along similar lines to ski-runs, these often have a colour-coded difficulty rating so you can test your mettle against blue, red or the challenging black runs! Bike hire is often available so this makes an excellent option for beginners and enthusiastic amateurs alike…

Join Premex in our latest charity cycling challenge

In 2014, Premex Group CEO Donald Fowler and Sales and Marketing Director Chris Wheatley led an intrepid group of insurance and legal professionals over the formidable (adopt French accent for greater effect) Mont Ventoux.

This year, the Premex cycling team will be tackling the last mountain stage of the Tour de France -  the last moment of suspense and a classic summit finish at the top of Alpe D’huez. Known as the Dutch mountain and the tour de France’s Hollywood climb it is ingrained in cycling folklore since its debut in 1952 when Fausto Coppi triumphed at the summit.

The 21 hairpins at an average gradient of 7.8% make this an iconic place to end the tour de France and in 2015’s race it will be the last stop before our cyclists swap their Lycra for denim and hit the town.