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Introducing Wayne Brannan

Introducing Wayne Brannan

Premex is delighted to announce the appointment of Wayne Brannan as Senior Business Development Manager. This month we introduce Wayne and find out about what his plans are.

Most Premex customers will be familiar with our account handling team and some may have come across our newest addition, Wayne Brannan, who joined in January this year.

Arriving from Minster Law, where he spent just under four years across their York and Peterborough offices, Wayne says he was attracted to Premex for its independence, technology and customer focus. “I’ve seen how Premex operates from the other side of the fence, so to speak, and have always been impressed by their operation,” says Wayne. “They communicate clearly with their customers, build systems and solicitors need and wants and help reduce friction in the claims process.”

Now a key part of Premex’s BD team, Wayne says the key will be in supporting clients through changing circumstances. “We all know that the personal injury market has changed beyond recognition and as a trusted intermediary, Premex plays a role in helping customers deal with new ways of doing business. Premex is a very well respected brand in the marketplace and I’m really glad to be a part of it,” adds Wayne. “These are challenging times, but I hope also that we can work with clients to make the most of opportunities in the future.”