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Same cruise? Same bug?

October in the personal injury profession increasingly means holiday and travel claim enquiries from clients. But what if your practice isn’t geared up for work like this? PremExtra has a few suggestions to help you make the most of holiday claims.

Thanks to some often lurid headlines over recent years, we’ve become all too familiar with the consequences of poor risk management on package holidays. Resorts, cruises and all-inclusive deals tend to be the most commonly associated with illness, injury and disruption but what if a client or group claimants come your way?

Wayne Brannan, Senior Business Development Manager at Premex Services has been discussing this topic with a number of small and medium sized practices in recent months and he says the biggest hurdle is collecting together enough cases to make them viable.

“Illnesses and injuries picked up on cruises and at resorts are a prime example. It’s a real shame when a practice with good fee earners cannot take advantage of a potential claim or group of claims because of the logistics. RTA claims involving passengers in a single vehicle have that inherent simplicity because the individuals tend to live at or near the same address. When you have 20 or 30 holidaymakers, they will be from opposite ends of the country and a single site practice may struggle to manage a group of this size and complexity.”

“Premex + has become a genuine enabler in this scenario,” adds Wayne. “This complex injury service supported by a national network of experts ensures a group of claimants is project managed so that all of their evidence is collected under a single case file. It’s a very productive methodology and allows the group to adapt and grow if necessary.”